iJoomla SEO v1.0.8 - Your Joomla Search Engine Magnet!

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iJoomla SEO v1.0.8 - Your Joomla Search Engine Magnet!

iJoomla SEO is the ultimate solution for optimizing your Joomla site for search engines. Climb search results quickly, easily and with minimum effort, and spend more time developing your content!

Joomla 1.5 SEO is now super easy and super fast!

Of course, you already know that SEO is important. You also know that SEO isn’t easy. But it’s particularly difficult for Joomla publishers:

* Because the title metatag is automatically determined by the article title, many of your title tags could be missing important keywords. * Editing article metatags has to be done individually. You have to open the article, edit the tags, close the article… and repeat for each article on your site. Even for medium-sized sites, that’s a painstaking process that could take weeks. * The article titles are not search-engine friendly. Instead of using h2 or h2 to mark out titles, Joomla uses an obscure class called “contentheading” or on component pages “componentheading.” Nice for Joomla, bad for SEO.

Joomla certainly doesn’t make SEO easy and it certainly doesn’t make it fun. iJoomla SEO makes putting your site in front of searchers much, much simpler. Joomla 1.5 SEO has never been more easy and more fun!What you get:

* 1 iJoomla SEO Component * 1 Joomla SEO plugin (Installed and published automatically)

Available Versions:

* Available for Joomla 1.5 only!



  1. 2010-06-07 21:55

    1.0.9 plz

  2. 2010-05-24 9:31

    Could you please post a link for the iJoomla SEO 1.0.9 version?? Thanks a lot.

  3. 2010-01-02 4:38

    Well then Anonymous guy, if you're smart enough to figure that out. Maybe you're smart enough to
    go into the PHP file & replace that link with your own! ;)...as long as there are no callbacks
    you're good....I havent looked at the code myself though yet.

  4. 2009-12-24 5:58

    The above rapidshare is not working...please post a new one.thanks

  5. 2009-12-24 1:48

    It works 100%!!!! THANKS A LOT! Where is the SEO plugin?

  6. 2009-12-24 0:06

    Where is the 1 Joomla SEO plugin, I just got the 1 iJoomla SEO Component.

  7. 2009-12-22 4:44

    This is rapid linkhttp://rapidshare.com/files/324100599/com_ijoomla_seo_1_0_8.zip.html

  8. 2009-11-27 4:03

    It is nulled fool, check correct before posting silly comments up!!!!!!

  9. 2009-11-20 1:58

    Danke, hat sich erledigt. Es existiert ein ijoomseo Plugin. Erst dieses deinstallieren, dann iJoomla Seo
    und alles funktioniert.Achtung! iJoomla Seo ist nicht w3c valide. Es gibt Probleme mit & 's .Gruß

  10. 2009-11-20 1:24

    Hat irgendjemand eine Idee, wie man iJoomla Seo wieder deinstalliert? Mache ich dies über das ACP, ist
    nach Deinstallation die Seite nicht mehr erreichbar (http 500) . Installiere ich iJoomla Seo wieder,
    ist die Seite wieder erreichbar.Ich habe schon sämtliche ijoomla Tabellen aus der Datenbank gelöscht aber es
    hilft nichts.Freue mich über Tipps, danke.

  11. 2009-11-19 4:14

    is not Nulled! it links to hompage of ijoomla

  12. 2009-11-17 9:34

    unzip first then install com_ijoomla_seo_1_0_8.zip from installer. thats all

  13. 2009-11-17 6:26

    does anyone know how to install this?

  14. 2009-11-17 6:25

    does anyone know how to install this?

  15. 2009-11-17 5:31


  16. 2009-11-17 3:14

    or megaupload please

  17. 2009-11-17 3:07

    http://www.rapidshare.com/ please

  18. 2009-11-17 2:09

    Can u reupp pls ? rapidsahrE?

  19. 2009-11-16 20:49

    yes it is nulled

  20. 2009-11-16 17:31

    loads with ioncube is it nulled?

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