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Advertise to the world your special news, in sophisticated and professional style!

Give welcome to our latest project - the News HighLighter GK1 - which will highlight so gracefully, your special news, announcements, articles, events or even products, in more prominent way.

Another great GavickPro release for Joomla!1.5, to be joint to your most elective tools to produce and aggrandize your project, adding details that might make all the difference in your visitors eyes.

A very nice scroller with the highest style quality design, fully CSS customizable, along with amazing animation effects. So, make yourself a favor and enjoy this great and free tool!


* Joomla! 1.5 Native. * Content control display from any section, category or articles ID’s. * Title and article content display. * Horizontal stripe, slide horizontal, vertical and fade effect presentation. * Additional div style for title and slide control display. * Easy text, background and border color styles for user configuration. * 7 pre-formatted styles for arrows on panel control navigation. * News amount sorted by date, order, random or hits. * Start news position option. * Animation speed and interval control.

* Control of 34 different animations effects. * Use of multiple modules on same page with unique ID configuration. * Timezones adjustment, date format and native language of month / days customization. * Different language translation support included. * On/Off front page articles display in modules. * Clean (X)HTML in content. * Easy and friendly administration. * SEF URLs. * Used Javascript Framework: Mootools. * New technique of assets JavaScripts files. * Option for compressed engine script use. * Fully compatible: Firefox, IE6+, Opera 9.5, Safari, Netscape, Google Chrome, Camino, Flock 0.7+.

mod_gk_news_highlighter_v1.5.2.zip (1.60 MB)



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  10. 2010-05-22 4:41

    You must unzip first the file or system message is "XML file missing".

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