Frontpage Slideshow v1.7.1 For Joomla 1.5

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Frontpage Slideshow v1.7.1 For Joomla 1.5

UPDATE: Frontpage Slideshow version 1.7.1 out NOW (28/02/2008) featuring many improvements and new templates!

Frontpage SlideShow is the most eye-catching way to display your featured articles, stories or even products in your Joomla! (or Mambo) website, like, or Yahoo! Movies do. Frontpage SlideShow creates an uber-cool slideshow with text snippets laying on top of images, in a variety of templates.

"Frontpage SlideShow" is the most eye-catching way to display your featured articles, stories or products for your Joomla! or Mambo CMS website, like, Joost, Yahoo! Movies or do.

"Frontpage SlideShow" is a Javascript/CSS based slideshow system combining text and images to create "slides", as well as (slide) navigation. These "slides" are being rotated one after the other with various fade effects, while text can be displayed/integrated anywhere inside the slideshow (see the various templates showcased on the right column menus). The slideshow's navigation features play/pause and previous/next buttons, as well as individual slide selection buttons for full control by the user/visitor of your site.


- Cross platform, plays on Joomla 1.0.x/1.5.x and Mambo 4.5.x/4.6.x.

- All technical issues mentioned in our forum for the past few months have been addressed. So soon we will be clearing up those "sticky" posts.


- The User Interface of the component is redesigned.

- Added permissions button on slide list (like on content items). You can now choose what slides your guests or members see.

- The old configuration page is gone. A new one has been added to handle some "expert" features. The older layout settings are now moved to the module cause either way they were accessible by super admins only! This will provide even further flexibility and will make the update process easier.

- The new slide edit page has one more "tagline" field (2 content fields in total). This new content field will provide more content options for even cooler FPSS templates.

- Custom text will automatically override content item introtext.

- Ability to select between WYSIWYG/pure text mode for the custom text option.

- You can set content elements to appear on a per-slide basis. That means you can tell one slide to hide the "read more" button and the other to hide the "introtext" for example. Your content display options are not limited anymore!

- Content item selection is now AJAX based. That means, it will not take ages for the "slide edit" page to load if you have 1.000 articles on your Joomla/Mambo site! Performance comes first now!

- The upload feature has been expanded to allow the user to choose the dimensions of the uploaded image or have a fixed value added by default.


- The module has been re-written from scratch for better performance and easier styling. New content display options have been added. All "logic" is now separated from styling. That means, if you want to create a new template, you just upload your CSS/images files inside modules/mod_fpslideshow/templates/ and the module will automatically "see" the new template, without you needing to hack core files. This makes it easy for us as well to release FPSS templates separately and thus enriching your experience! Soon, we will be posting a few topics on how to dig deeper into Frontpage Slideshow templating!

- The moo.fx based slideshow engine has been taken out. The Mootools based one has been improved and (drum roll) a new jQuery based slideshow engine has been introduced as the default engine of Frontpage Slideshow. This means no more javascript conflicts with other Mootools based extensions or templates (you know which, haha!).


- The UNCUT template has been revamped. We hope you'll like it. See it on demo here:

- 2 new templates (Movies and Sleek) are introduced with the new module. More will come soon as standalone packs to directly upload.

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    tnk you alot, but it has not the "categorys" button... Maybe im doing something wrong? Only
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