Form2Content Pro v2.6.0 - a Joomla CCK

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Form2Content Pro v2.6.0 - a Joomla CCK

Form2Content PRO is a Joomla Content Creation Kit. It is very easy to use yet extremely powerful. It enables you to submit articles to Joomla using a custom form with as many fields as you like and a template for the article layout. In essence the normal Joomla article content is split into a submission form and an article template. When a form is saved the content is pasted into the template and the generated HTML is inserted into the Joomla! database! Most important, the content you create is saved in the Joomla Article manager within the section/category structure. This means that Form2Content is 100% 3rd party compatible!

For each type of content you can make your own submission form, using unlimited fields and choosing from 15 field types. The content layout is defined in a template in which you can use patTemplating to add dynamic effects. Think of conditions for images to show, or hide fields which haven’t been filled out in the form. Again, most important is that users (maybe your clients) won’t require any HTML knowledge to maintain their own website. At the same time you can include complex code and plugins within your template so the layout can be as creative as you like! (350.74 KB)



  1. 2011-11-28 21:26

    But this doesnt work?? Problem with language etc

  2. 2010-10-04 6:25

    thanks a lot!!! you are the best!!!

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