Fire - May 06 Joomla Templates

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Fire - May 06 Joomla Templates

主题名称: Fire主题类型: RocketTheme商业主题适用程序: Joomla 1.0.x & Mambo 4.5.3配套风格:

Fire is a stunning new Joomla template released as the May 06 template as part of the RocketTheme Template Club. This template comes with 3 gorgeous color variations right out of the box. The template employees a few of the patented RocketTheme ‘goodies’ that you have come to expect from us. Just check out this summary of the great features you can expect to find with this release:

3 Color configurations, configurable in the Joomla Template Manager; ForestFire, FireFrog, & SnowFire. These are 3 quite different color schemes that each provide a very rich and professional layout. Exclusive RTSuperSucker menu that provides fantastic instant split menu functionality using familar ‘tab’ navigation metaphor. Spanking new instant & persistent CSS Style Changer that uses PHP and cookies to provide a much cleaner experience than existing Javascript based solutions. 2 width variations built-in to support 800×600 and 1024×768+ screen resolutions. Every module position is fully collapsable for the most flexible layout options possible.Overview

An overview of the key features of this template are as follows:

* Joomla 1.0+ compatible * Mambo 4.5.2.X compatible * Exclusive RTSuperSucker menu system * New instant & persistent CSS style changer * 800×600 and 1024×768+ widths supported * 3 built-in color variants (ForestFire, FireFrog, SnowFire) * All module positions are fully collapsable * XHTML 1.0 Transitional * CSS Validates * Only 1 table used to provide collapsable columns * Very Lightweight and fast loading * Mozilla/Firefox/IE/Safari/Camino/Opera Friendly * Source Fireworks MX PNG files included * Source Photoshop PSD files available also

Some screenshots showing these capabilities can be seen below:

RTSuperSucker menu Information

The RTSuperSucker menu system in this template uses the mainmenu by default and this menu is configured in the admin administator. For this to function correctly understand that the ‘top level’ menu items will show up as the horizontal buttons across the top of the template. For sub menu items, assign Parent Item to these top menus to the top-level item. These will then show up below in a submenu when you click on a top-level item. For an example of this check out the demo serverInstructions

1. Install as normal using the Site Templates Installer 2. The primary navigation for this template can either be the traditional joomla menu modules or you can use the the exclusive RTSuperSucker Menu System. You will need to keep the number of top-level menu items to 9 or 10 to ensure the menu does not wrap and cause undesirable effects. Refer to the RTSuperSucker instructions above to find out how to create the menu properly. 3. Follow the Module Position guide below to see the available module positions and place your modules accordingly. The sample content Joomla/Mambo modules should give you a good place to start 4. This template can be set to thin or wide configuration. Please note that in thin mode you do not have much room for content, so please watch for any content that is to large for the mainbody area as this will break the layout.


1. Due to the use of a rounded ContentHeading graphic, any content or blog should be output in 1 column rather than the default 2. 2. This template fully supports full width configurations for use with galleries or forums, make sure you do not publish any modules in left or right and the ‘mainbody’ will fill the entire width.


There are a couple of configuration options for this template. This month we’ve put the configuration variables in the template’s own index.php file. This way you can use the “Edit HTML” button in the Template Manager to quickly and easily make changes to these options. This is how you can choose the color variation and also set whether or not you want the inset position to collapse if no modules are published. Also you can select which menu the RTSplitMenu system should use.

// *************************************************// Change this variable blow to switch color-schemes//// If you have any issues, check out the forum at// *************************************************$templatestyle = "forestfire"; // forestfire | snowfire | firefrog$horizontal_menu = "mainmenu"; // mainmenu by default, can be any Joomla menu name$no_inset_collapse = true; // if set to false, will collapse // *************************************************



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