EZAutos V5.4 - Joomla content management systems

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EZAutos V5.4 - Joomla content management systems

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EZ Autos motor vehicle listing softwareEZ Autos is an easy-to-use motor vehicle listing component for the Mambo/Joomla content management systems. Also, just because something is easy to use doesn't mean you have to settle for little in the way of features or a low-quality presentation that requires hours of custom modifications. EZ Autos was designed with presentation in mind - to make your sales listings look great! It also doesn't matter what sort of site you want to run - EZ Autos has the flexibility to run a site for your own listings, multi-dealer listings or a community sales portal offering free and/or paid listings - EZ Autos is PayPal IPN enabled to do it all!

For example - to run a sales portal - start your site off in "free listings mode" to establish a membership base of listings with quality information, progress on to the "combined mode of operation" where you offer free listings with the option to pay for upgrades - and suddenly you've got a money-making site. As the success of your site grows - you can then progress onto a "paid listings only" basis if you want - and now you've got the opportunity for some serious income.

EZ Autos can be used by:-

* A single dealer wanting to list his/her own business listings

* Multiple dealers employed by a single business to list their individual listing responsibilities

* Multi-dealer co-operatives wanting to list on a shared site

* Online entrepreneurs wanting to run a FSBO motor vehicle sales portal

* A new sales dealership wanting a display library for their stock

* An automotive club wanting a way for members to display their cars - eg. restoration or customization projects


Quick Install

It takes a minute to install EZ Autos on your web server - and another couple to install the multitude of modules available. Yes, it's that quick.

Multiple Business Models

EZ Autos is designed to meet the needs of multiple business models - from the single dealer listing their motor vehicles for sale online, multi-dealer cooperatives, and community sales portals offering FSBO listing services. Simply configure it to meet the needs of your business model.

Profiling System

EZ Autos allows your sellers to promote their business, and share their contact details. Supports multiple contact methods, including direct contact, snail mail, email, telephone, SMS via Clickatell, and 3 online messaging systems. New in version 5.2.0 are profile privileges - enabling your members to manage more aspects of their listings such as publish/unpublish, skip the paid listings process, reset the expiry date and more. Profiling privileges are an excellent way to keep employees out of the backend - yet allow them certain privileges normally only accessible via the admin area.

PayPal IPN Enabled

Turn your EZ Autos-powered site into a money-maker with the paid listings functionality. Two sales levels allow you to charge for upgrades from free listings to "premium" and "featured" listings - or run in paid listings only mode.

Expiry Management System

Limit your listings based on page impressions or time - eg. 30 day listings. Easy to use "clean listings" function to remove expired listings, and email notification for expired listings.


EZ Autos comes with support for SEF Advance, and also works on the core Mambo/Joomla SEF system - so you've got two SEF-friendly URL choices for your vehicle listings. Also, add a meta description and meta keywords to your description, and the meta title is generated from existing data.

Easy Layouts

Front-end templating system makes changing the layout of data on listing pages and the full details page. Four different layouts are currently available for the listings pages, and 10 different layouts are available for the full details page - including tabbed pages, and a variety of image layouts/systems including javascript rollovers, slimbox and javascript slideshows.

Professional Image Presentation

In an industry where looks are everything, EZ Autos gives you a choice of top-quality image display systems. Templates come with Javascript rollover images, Javascript slideshows, or the slimbox image system.

VIP Buyer's Register

Don't miss sales opportunities just because you don't have a listing people want. The VIP Buyer's Register allows you to collect details of purchaser requirements, and display those on the front-end as a "wanted vehicles" listing page. Auto-matching of VIP buyers to vehicle listings via a single-button email function. Emails sent to people on the VIP Buyer's Register contain a summary of key vehicle information, an image and the seller details - as well as a link to the vehicle listing and an unsubscribe link.

Mapping Support

Comes with Google and Yahoo mapping support built-in - your choice for your needs - or turn it off. EZ Autos mapping system displays both the property address of the vehicle seller - and supports driving directions. If you want to use the Google decimal coordinates system - then you can also display a map of where the vehicle is for sale.

RSS 2.0 Feed

RSS 2.0 feed of new vehicle listings enables you to get your listings out to subscribers and other web sites easily.

External Feeds

Two feeds to the Google and Vast vehicle listing sites will enable you to get broader exposure for your listings without much additional effort.

Cross-component integration

Seamlessly tap into other components such as MyPMS for personal messaging, save newsletter subscribers directly to the Letterman newsletter component and promote user interactivity with the jReviews commenting and ratings system.

Customer Tools

Cross-browser "add to favourites" bookmarking function, recommend to friend email, print vehicle details, contact seller/dealer, add to mailing list request. Add to mailing list requests are now saved to database, and can be exported in XML format for import into a mailing list manager.


EZ Autos has multi-lingual support - meaning it is coded with language tags and has a language file system to enable the translation of embedded page text, and it comes with a set of JoomFish content element files to enable you to translate the database content.

Out-of-the-box functionality



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