December Template - Habitat3

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December Template - Habitat3

The December template from Joomla Bamboo is our third take on the popular Habitat series. This time it has a built in mootools slider, an accordion/slider and built in drop boxes for loading modules in a mootip from the top menu plus some funky transparent styling.


* 7 Distinct Habitats * Bamboo Module Slider/Fader * Moo Drop Boxes * 3 Sliding Panels * Mootools Mootips Enabled * 30+ Modules (inc 9 sliders and 9 dropboxes) * Slimbox Extended * IE6 PNG Transparency fix built in. * PNG and PSD source files included * XHTML and CSS valid

Browser compatibility

We have tested this template extensively in IE6, IE7, FF 2.0 (mac and pc), Safari 2.0 (mac) 3.0 (mac and pc), Opera, Camino.Joomla Compatibility


Module Positions



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