Datso Gallery v1.9.5

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Datso Gallery v1.9.5

Joomla 1.5/1.6/ Joomla 1.5 (NATIVE)1.13 Joomla 1.6 и 1.7

List of fixes/changes in the frontend:* Added ability to add members albums to registered users and moving their own pictures from one category to another when editing photos.* Added GeoTagging option by which can be viewed on a map Google Maps, where the photo was taken* Added ability to upload images, pre-packed in a Zip archive from the frontend.* Several improvements and corrections in the code and language files

List of fixes/changes in backend:* Added additionall Aspect ratios (2.39:1, 2.75:1, 4.00:1) for images when used Resize with Cropping method* Added Category image parameter for a category, where you can choose whether to display images in the category (first added, last added or shuffle)* Added Users Categories parameter* Added Categories per member parameter* Added Allow zip uploads parameter* Added ability to change the watermark directly from a gallery settings* Added GeoTagging option* Added PayPal Mode option (Test/Sandbox or Live) in PayPal settings.* Now you can make a test purchase at the gallery before you finally activate Live Mode and start receive money from your customers. Note: If you do not know what a PayPal Sandbox and how to use it, information can be found here* Significantly improved file for image processing.

The list of changes in the file structure:* Updated Plupload library to version 1.5b

List of changes in the database:* No

Update Instructions:* Updating performed by installation without affecting the records in database, your settings and image files. All necessary operations for updating will be performed fully automatically in one click.* After each update, you should open the configuration section of the component, check all settings (as in the new version may be added or deleted the old settings) and then, save the settings, the parameters have been applied to your setup component. This action is required.



-------------Download:DatsoGallery v1.9.6



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