Callie Rush - August 2011 Joomla Club Template

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Callie Rush - August 2011 Joomla Club Template

模板名称: Callie Rush商业版权: Shape5详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live DemoOur latest Joomla Template, Callie Rush, is a very clean template that can be adapted to just about any type of website. It comes packed with the many features found within the Shape 5 Vertex framework like the S5 Flex Menu, Multibox and Tooltips enabled, SEO optimizing, CSS3 stylizing, custom widths for columns and rows, and loads more!In addition to a great template be sure to check the new feature to the Shape5 Vertex Framework, lazy load images. The lazy load script is a great way to save bandwidth and load your pages much faster. Images that are not visible on the initial page load are not loaded or downloaded until they come into the main viewing area. Once an image comes into view it is then downloaded and faded into visibility.Features:S5 Vertex Framework Platform94 collapsible core template positions plus 4 mobile positions5 custom module suffixesDynamic Module TitlesCustom highliight colorS5 Flex Menu integratedChoose fluid or fixed template widthsCustom column, page and row widthsMobile Device SupportDesigned with CSS3 - Limited support for IE7 and IE8 through PIERTL language support3rd Party Stylings for Tienda, Virtuemart, and K2Google FontsSEO optimizedFixed tabsMenu scroll to sectionSite shaper available (Joomla install that includes demo data)SQL dump availableSliced PSDs includedMultibox enabledLazy Load enabledTool tips enabled100% tableless CSSValidates with XHTML 1.0 TransitionalValidates with CSS Level 3 with browser specific callsCompatible with the following browsers:IE7+Firefox 1.5+Opera 9+SafariAdvantChrome

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