Broadcast. Social Sync for your J!1.5, 2.51

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Broadcast. Social Sync for your J!1.5, 2.51

Broadcast is a Social Sync tool for your Joomla & JomSocial websites. With Broadcast, you can :

    Push the activities & updates from your site to various supported Social Networks
    Pull activities &updates from supported Social Networks to your site

    Import RSS Content Feeds into your site's Activity stream.

    Users can use Broadcast to update all their Social Statuses from one place - your site !

Users can connect their Social Accounts to Broadcast & all their activity on Major networks can be synced to your site & All your activity can be synced to the networks.




  1. 2012-08-17 8:46

    Multiple mirrors for Broadcast-V1.2.0-Social Sync Tool for Joomla 1.5 and 2.51.7z, Go to

  2. 2012-08-17 5:09

    It works fine for J1.5 but for j2.5 twitter plugin gets corrupted

  3. 2012-07-04 12:41

    it works for me...thx :)

  4. 2012-07-04 9:10

    All Techjoomla components are buggy, don't bother to install

  5. 2012-07-03 23:44

    the component is garbage. don't even bother with it. installs plugins but doesn't activate them.
    twitter plugin says linkedin. not even sure what it's supposed to do after reading it's promo page.

  6. 2012-07-03 15:25

    whole program is hard to work. It sucks

  7. 2012-07-03 0:26

    twitter plugin is corrupt - refers to linkedin, not sure it will work.

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