Brightcode Reporter - Joomla Component

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Brightcode Reporter - Joomla Component

Brightcode Reporter is a very simple but powerfull Joomla! Report Tool. You can put in any query you want and get the results on screen or in a Excel file. You can save reports (give them a title) You can publish and unpublish reports You can call the reports from the frontend and backend of your Joomla! site. You can create your own simple or difficult queries. You can use any table (multiple tables) from your joomla! dbase. You can create Query variables like ${someinfo} so you can create dynamic reports. You can Set Date / String / user id or even select params for your report. Select Box param can be filed by a query string or a self created list (eg: Buy|Sell|Hire|For Rent|For Free ) You can now build your own complicated Community Builder or VirtueMart Reports. Comes With many new Reports for Community Builder (CB), VirtueMart, Hot Property and other great Reports. At this moment we have over 30 reports for Brightcode Reporter.



  1. 2011-05-18 2:31

    yeah, what he said

  2. 2009-07-22 8:06

    Brightcode doesn't deliver their products. They will take your money and ignore any attempt at contact
    to obtain a refund.Do not buy from them they are one big rip-off

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