AWDwallPRO + AWDwallPRO Jomsocial edition

By laerti on Thu, 2010/04/29 4:161887 views 12JoomlaJ! Extensions
AWDwallPRO + AWDwallPRO Jomsocial edition
AWDwallPRO  the latest version + AWDwallPRO  Jomsocial edition. this is the first time posting  

AWDwall PRO is a complete application that enables communication and creates a simple and elegant Comment Wall for joomla 1.5 (like facebook)

This application facilitates conversations between all users on your Joomla websites affording easy-flowing communication for everyone involved. It also compliments any website with the option to attached videos and pictures on the wall and much more....



  1. 2010-12-28 19:42

    Upload new Version please :-)

  2. 2010-05-25 5:28
    Weed Butter Ratio

    super sick site. i cant wait to dl all these themes! thanks vaska for referring me

  3. 2010-05-25 4:58

    So is this package safe? I want the software which sounds great, but if it is a hack trick I do not want

  4. 2010-05-09 19:16

    All this free share software is bull&%$&^....i should listen to the post up there! i got
    hacked! what fu$%&g waist of time! Ill buy my software from now and on!

  5. 2010-05-09 9:07

    otro link para los que no les gusta rapid en

  6. 2010-05-05 23:53

    i wouldn't download anything from rapidshare anymore... everything there seem to have hacks
    codes..people think that they get free software! that is what i just to think anyways... I had to learn
    the hard way... hack 3 time! my 2 cents.. tony

  7. 2010-05-03 17:44

    HI,what security problem is in there?

  8. 2010-05-01 12:16

    For me this component looks great witj it I don't need any jomsocial but what make me scared is the
    security problem that it have!!!!!!!

  9. 2010-04-30 1:01

    Simply great idea... but bad execution of the software design... It does not allow to post wall comment
    from the main page of Jomsocial... Plus it does not replace the wall function of Jomsocial itself...

  10. 2010-04-29 20:02

  11. 2010-04-29 13:56

    other link plz....

  12. 2010-04-29 7:48

    thanks for post

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