Akiraka v1.5.2 Updated

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Akiraka v1.5.2 Updated

模板名称: Akiraka v1.5.2商业版权: RocketTheme适用版本: Joomla 1.5.x演示地址: Live Demo完整版本: http://newone.org/node/4300/

The Akiraka Joomla 1.5 template has been updated with some bug fixes to address some known issues with the new RokNavMenu system and php4 based hosts and server setups as well as other RokNavMenu and RokCandy updates.

To update your template, either download the latest template packages from the Akiraka download section and replace your template, or if you have made customizations, a listing of the changed and added files is listed below:

Version: 1.5.2

* Fixes for PHP4 and RokNavMenu 1.1 * Changed Files (template): * rt_utils.php * /html/mod_roknavmenu/default.php * /html/mod_roknavmenu/formatter.php * /templateDetails.xml

The RokNavMenu Module and RokCandy Component System were also updated for the latest changes. If you have already installed these modules and components or used the previous RocketLauncher package, you can update these manually by updating the following files:Changed Files (RokNavMenu Module - located in the /modules/mod_roknavmenu directory of your Joomla installation if already installed):

* helper.php * /lib/BaseRokNavMenuFormatter.php * /lib/RokNavMenuTree.php * mod_roknavmenu.php * mod_roknavmenu.xml * /tmpl/default.php * Changed Files (RokCandy Component - these changes located in the /plugins/system directory of your Joomla installation if already installed): * rokcandy_system.php

Akiraka v1.5.2 Full Package (14.23 MB)




  1. 2011-02-10 15:42

    you are great! thanx a lot, i will visit again your page!

  2. 2009-02-04 6:28

    Very nice looking theme. I'm happy to see that they are working on bugs there. Thanks for sharing it

  3. 2009-02-03 21:43

    omg, not again a bugfixes updates. i already download twice.

  4. 2009-02-03 21:15

    Thank you so much...

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