AceSEF Plus-1.7.0 - Joomla SEO & SEF

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AceSEF Plus-1.7.0 - Joomla SEO & SEF

AceSEF is a flexible and powerful Joomla SEF URLs, Metadata, Sitemap and Tags generator with an easy-to-use graphical user interface that simplifies the management of your site's SEO rank.

AceSEF is a robust Joomla SEO component that is focused to offer you all what is needed for a hotshot search engine optimization. Supports JoomFish, works with both Apache and IIS and can be easily updated on-line.


@Key Features

#Keywords-rich SEF URLs

#Automatic Metadata

#Sitemap (HTML & XML)

#Tags for all components

#Internal Links

#Social Bookmarks

#250 ext. for 3rd party components

#100% modular structure

#Easy-to-use interface

#The fastest SEF solution

#On-site automatic updates

#Migration from other SEF components


  1. 2012-07-23 12:32
    [REQ] AceSEF 2.5.2 VIP

    REQ AceSEF 2.5.2 VIPWhat is new in AceSEF 2.5.2: # : Find ItemID smartly not working # : Content =>
    Metadata widget not working # : Homepage metadata deleted while creating a new SEF URL manually # : Error in
    back-end if no published language exists # : Uncategorized added in URL if no sample data was installed #
    : Issue with the creation of Moved URLs (Joomla SEF => AceSEF) # : Redirecing non-SEF to SEF
    URLs with 303 code, not 301 # : SSL redirection fixed # : AceSEF Tags pagination not working

  2. 2012-05-26 8:36

    Please admin. Thanks ! AceSEF Plus v2.5.1

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