Youevents - Clubbing Joomla Template

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Youevents - Clubbing Joomla Template

模板名称: Youevents商业版权: YouJoomla详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

Let us finish this year strong and powerful like our new Clubbing Joomla Template Youevents. Designed with young and refreshing perspective , loaded with plenty of custom features , custom K2 style and a gift from our friends at Brand new HD Flash Video Player . Miaflv Basic for Joomla 1.5x. If your new project is build around entertainment , music industry or clubbing , this beauty is a perfect holiday gift for you.

Module Positions

YJSimpleGrid Framework comes with 51 build in module positions . Adding new module grids is a very simple process and within few seconds you can adjust the layout to your own liking. Each module positon is completely collapsible either by disableing module in module manager or by setting module size to 0 in template manager. Mainbody grid is completely flexible and can swithc sides by simply adjusting default mainbody layout in template manager. Logo width and height can also be adjusted in template manager or completely disabled.

YouEvents Joomla Template features

* 100% Tableless design * XHTML Valid * CSS Valid * JS Valid * 508 Valid * SEO features build in * YjSimpleGrid powered * 52 collapsible module positions * PSD files included * Joomla 1.5 template * CSS dropdown menu * SMooth dropdown menu * Split menu * 4 CSS styles * Flexible frontpage layout * Native RTL Support * Server side Compression * Demo Starter * Extra Typography styles * IE6 png fix * Adjustable width * Font resizing

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  1. 2011-05-13 23:58

    Need new download link plus removing call back instructions.

  2. 2011-02-23 0:25

  3. 2011-01-12 15:11
    John Aurther

    Nice job....

  4. 2010-12-30 5:57

    how i can remove callbacks??? help please

  5. 2010-12-24 19:30

    Thanks For Sharing

  6. 2010-12-24 19:29

    Hi, Nice Template and thanks for share

  7. 2010-12-24 2:06

    have you looked into the template admin panel? IS there anything in the template manager that allows you
    to change it? Usually Yougrid templates allow you to change the size of the font in the template manager

  8. 2010-12-21 17:38

    good,thank you!

  9. 2010-12-21 16:20

    whats the best one you have seen???????????????

  10. 2010-12-20 23:41

    how do you get this nice font-family where letters look like they are narrowed ? i use same
    font-family 'Yanone Kaffeesatz',arial,serif but it does not look nice on my template

  11. 2010-12-20 17:07

    Nice template although I've seen many better

  12. 2010-12-20 15:08

    what are callbacks and how do you cancel them?

  13. 2010-12-20 10:14

    It doesn't contain traces of the licensee, but you can remove callbacks to YJ easily.

  14. 2010-12-20 9:09

    Is it nulled???

  15. 2010-12-20 8:53

    I did not like this theme....

  16. 2010-12-20 8:52

    thx for share!

  17. 2010-12-20 2:15

  18. 2010-12-19 17:58

    clean template,thx for share!

  19. 2010-12-19 17:43
    zoroaster http://www

  20. 2010-12-18 0:19

    Hi No download link ?

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