YouMedia - Web developer portfolio

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YouMedia - Web developer portfolio

模板名称: YouMedia商业版权: YouJoomla详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

YjSimpleGrid comes to shine trough this incredible Joomla Template. YouMedia is a perfect example of our framework power and simplicity in producing new joomla themes. YouMedia comes with 8 style combos combined with 2 background images and 4 primary style colors. The unique layout and new custom joomla extension, Yj Ajax Contact are one of the main reasons that will make you love this template. Custom user pages , 48 module position , custom template manager , YJ Accordion slider , Multimediabox 2.0 , YJ Newsflash V3 and YJ Latest Tweets come preinstalled if you use our template demo installation pack ( club members only )

YouMedia Joomla Template features


* 100% Tableless design * XHTML Valid * CSS Valid * JS Valid * 508 Valid * SEO features build in

Template Options

# YjSimpleGrid powered# 48 collapsible module positions# PSD files included# Joomla 1.5 template# CSS dropdown menu# SMooth dropdown menu# SMooth dropline menu# Dropline menu# Split menu# Up to 8 CSS style combos# Flexible frontpage layout# Native RTL Support# Server side Compression# Demo Starter ( club members only )# Extra Typography styles# IE6 png fix

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    above link are not working please need a fresh link

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    above link are not working please give a new download link.

  3. 2010-09-18 3:01
    Balqis Nuget Ikan

    no link for yj accordion news slider.

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    can you get the link for the Youjoomla YJ AJAX CONTACT MODULE i tried getting it from the installed site
    but does not works any one has it or a similar one ?

  5. 2010-08-20 18:30

    best share,thx for much!

  6. 2010-08-17 23:36

    nice template, thank you

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    what a nice Media template!

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    finally found the download

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    where are the links?

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    Someone please post link Please!!!! :)

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    thank you iam here wait for that template

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    nice template,fresh link pls!

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