IT WineStore - July 2010 Joomla Template

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IT WineStore - July 2010 Joomla Template

模板名称: WineStore商业版权: Icetheme详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

As the name notice, IT WineStore Joomla Theme is the perfect choice for your Wine or Alcoholic shop website. With this excellent template you will have everything pre-made and exclusively for IT WineStore, we have included:

* E-commerce Ready (with Virtuemart extension) * New shopping cart (IceVmCart module) * New Product Search by Parameters (IceVmFilter module)

On the other hand, as all our previous Professional Joomla Themes, IT WineStore features a extraordinary design, with 6 available vibrant color schemes to make sure that your website can be immediately distinguish itself from the crowd

We know that you like more to view the magic with your eyes (View Demo ) rather than read long boring lines of presentation.

Unique Features

* E-commerce ready with the VirtueMart extension * Display easily your Products with the modified IceTabs Module! * Let your visitors dynamically update their shopping cart with the new IceVmCart Module * Organize perfectly your shop categories with the IceMenu Module * Let your uses pick exactly the product that they are looking for with the new IceVmFilter Module

Classic IceTheme Features

* Get your website ready within 10 minutes with the Clone Installer feature * Fully Support for Right To Left Languages, including all extensions * Modify everything in the design as we provide the full frame.psd file * Reach all your audience, as we support all major browsers. * Get fast your website listed on search engines from our clean optimized code. * Serve your visitors as fast as possible with the new IceSpeed plugin * Let everyone know how beautiful and user-friendly is your website with our enhanced pre made typography. * We give you exactly what you expect, so all module variations and their suffix are built-in with your website in mind. * Last but not least IceTheme Joomla Templates are one of the most beautiful and usability-focused from all the templates market!



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    Please re-upload links ASAP

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    Can you re upload please

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    thanks - finally

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    Thanks my friend

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    Chuck Norris %

  6. 2010-08-19 10:08

    Why do you guys even want this sucky template?A little CSS, a background... and this is supposed to be
    SPECIAL? Not even great add-ons that I can see with this one. And then they have the nerve to want to
    POLICE their crappy templates? UGH! This is why I have run away from these awful template houses. Cruddy
    templates, no originality... bleh!You can pretty quickly recreate this template on your own. There are
    plenty of good FREE extensions. And you can get a Theme Forest HTML/CSS template and make it into a Joomla
    template. Hell, get free WordPress templates, strip them, and convert them. MOST free WP themes look better
    than MOST so-called professional Joomla templates anyway.Sorry about your site, but this crappy template
    is not worth risking your site over.

  7. 2010-08-19 5:26

    Too bad, use Joomla Default template :D

  8. 2010-08-19 1:03

    YES! There is . . . they informed my hosting company and my site went offline immediately

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    NO, there is nothing to worried about.

  10. 2010-08-09 1:38

    do we need to worry now? can they trace you?

  11. 2010-08-09 1:36

    i have used this template, in the parameters you can switch off the logo, but then this message appears
    `disabler only if you have bought developers´ membership. We will check our system continously if you have
    illegally disabled this feature.

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    Good work and the work of distinguished Also used for your Thank you

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