IT TheStore 2 - October 2009 Joomla Template

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IT TheStore 2 - October 2009 Joomla Template

模板名称: TheStore 2

商业版权: Icetheme

详细内容: More Info

演示地址: Live Demo

After hours and hours designing, coding and testing we are proud to release one the most outstanding Joomla Templates on the market. IT TheStore 2 is build-in with the VirtueMart extension, which on the other hand is modified from the ground so that it can suit the overall beauty of the template. Among with the other VirtueMart features, you can see the IceCarousel and IceAccordion modules which are modified to provide the VirtueMart products in a dynamic way. Also the IceVMcart and IceVMcategories are two other modules to supplement the power of the VirtueMart extension. From the classic features for the IT TheStore 2 template you will find: six template styles, a new and enhanced IceSlideShow module, ajax search module, grid-based design and completely modified joomla articles/categories pages to provide better usability and accessibly.


* VirtueMart Extension ready!

* 6 Template Styles

* Two Navigation dropdowns, on the MainMenu and on the OtherMenu

* Completely rewritten Article/Category/Frontpage/Section pages for maximum usability

* Extreme Grid-based Design

* 3 column based layout (can be easily switched to 2 or 1 column)

* Font Switcher

* Sidebar Switch

* Compressed CSS/Javascript with GZIP compression and optimized images

* 100% tabless design and valid XHTML/CSS based

* Joomla 1.5 compatible

* IceSlider, IceAccordion, IceCarousel, IceSlideShow and IceTwitter modules ready

* VirtueMart ready IceCarousel and IceAccordion modules

* IceVMcart and IceVMcategories modules ready

* Ajax Search Module Ready

* Date Module Ready

* Lots of module variations with icons enabled.

* Photoshop layout, Fonts and Sample Data available on the download section

* Cross Browser Support

Template Styles

IT TheStore 2 Joomla Template is build-in 6 different stylish color variations. You can easily change the template style on the Template Manager in Joomla! Administrator. Also your users can have a option to change the styles on the fly through our template style-changer.

Available Modules

To maintain usability rates for our Joomla Templates, we have made several modules for our templates. For this month, among IceSlideShow, IceSlider, IceAccordion and IceScrooller and IceCarousel and IceTwitter, we have made the IceVmCart and IceVMcategories modules which can be used amongh the marvelous VirtueMart extension. Also we have modified to provide VitueMart products in a dynamic way the IceCarousel and IceAccordion modules

Grid Based Design

IceTheme has began to use the Grid-Based design approach since our third template, IT Newsy, which at the time was to popular. We use the grid-based deigns to offer to our Joomla Templates a solid, structured and proportioned layout which has a lot of more benefits than the normal layout.

Sample Data

IceTheme is here to make your life easy and it will do so with your site content too. To keep it short, the Sample Data files will make your site exactly as you see our templates on the Demo. We have modified the default Joomla content to suit the layout of our template and to show the marvelous features, which they could have been hidden from your eye, if we wouldn't add this customization.

Module Positions

IT TheStore2 Joomla Template supports a wide variety of module positions and variations which can be archived automatically by the system. The template has been structured with an amazing set of 32 module positions allowing the template to have extreme versatility and flexibility. The modules are fully collapsible mean that if there are no modules published in particular area, this module position will disappear.

TheStore2 Full Package (14.50 MB)







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