TEQMart - JoomlaXTC March 09 Template

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TEQMart - JoomlaXTC March 09 Template

模板名称: TEQMart商业版权: JoomlaXTC适用版本: Joomla 1.5.x演示地址: Live Demo

Lean and feature packed, the sixth template from JoomlaXTC delivers another online shopping experience like no other!

Modern Design Layout and Design3 column multi variation based template4 Layout Styles: Left or Right Top Columns & Left and Right Bottom Area9 Header Style VariationsOver 9000 possible Style Variations4 Base Color Themes: Red,Blue,Green,TanSuckerfish and Advanced Moo Menus19 Module Positions2 Module Suffix Styles in various colorsCSS-based DesignCustom Joomla Content CSS Style OveridesCommented template.css and index.php file for user friendly customizationCross Browser Support

TEQMart Full Package (67.1 MB)




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