Studio - May 2010 Joomla Template

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Studio - May 2010 Joomla Template

模板名称: Studio

商业版权: Yootheme

详细内容: More Info

演示地址: Live Demo

Here comes Studio, YOOtheme's new May template. Its very versatile design is perfect for presenting your products to your visitors.


One of the highlights of this template is the newly designed distinctive right column. The different color separates it visually from the content part of your site. By the way: If you don't have any modules in the right column, the search module in the menu bar will get a new style to match the rest of the site.

Another great feature is that you can publish modules, which appear with a shared gradient background, to visually separate content on your site. Also we added fresh module styles, like the engraved style and new module header styles, for example the two colored ones, which are very easy to customize.


You can chose from a wide range of different color variations. The Top position on the frontpage is perfect for presenting important new content of your site like we did with our brand new ZOO teaser video. Check it out now!

Warp5 Framework

Off course this template is build with our Warp5 framework. Learn more about it on our Warp5 Website.

Feature list

* A variety of template color variations

* Built with the Warp5 template framework

* Multi-column dropdown menu

* Lots of modules with color variations, endless combinations with icons and badges possible

* 2-1-3 column ordering for search engine friendliness

* Compact size, using gzip and image sprites

* Works with all YOOtools

Studio J1.6 Full Package (14.80 MB)




  1. 2010-06-12 7:37

    You have better???Congratulations!!!

  2. 2010-05-07 3:52

    all links is broken... can anyone re-up or post another mirror link?

  3. 2010-05-07 2:06

  4. 2010-05-06 4:39

    Are you members of Yootheme?! Did you actually PAY for the template?

  5. 2010-05-05 1:12

    actually it does not work properly, anyone? if you try to resize the left and right bar the content does
    not stretch accordingly and stays out of size..b*ll*ckS!

  6. 2010-05-05 0:14

    Is there a source file for the Logo? I see the logo.png file, but it's not actually the source, just
    an export. Also, why do they use symbols in their source files? I guess this protects their designs.

  7. 2010-05-04 11:49

    Damn Right... Yootheme is sucks...same shit every month...common...!!!!!

  8. 2010-05-03 17:20

    That's cool! I love it, Yootheme

  9. 2010-05-01 17:03

    me too, always the same style, just different colours or logo, same menus too, this is a great show for
    warez, i used to be a yootheme member, glad am not wasting anymore money viva la boycj!!!

  10. 2010-05-01 14:01

    totally agree!

  11. 2010-05-01 11:47
    yoothemes sucks

    yoothemes so fast but never improve its template,they have a stupid layout and ugly color and use too much
    moudle,their template really sucks

  12. 2010-05-01 11:38

    great boycj

  13. 2010-05-01 11:00

    oh god. again the same old template!!!! yootheme RIP now pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee

  14. 2010-05-01 9:11

    Gj thanks for sharing. ALWAYs

  15. 2010-05-01 6:53

    another fast mirror :)

  16. 2010-05-01 1:50

    wow love this template, thank you so much

  17. 2010-05-01 1:07

    you are really fast and ultimate. thanx in always

  18. 2010-05-01 1:06

    Really fast and ultimate.

  19. 2010-05-01 1:02

  20. 2010-05-01 0:47

    You are still so fast

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