Refraction - June 2009 Joomla Template

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Refraction - June 2009 Joomla Template

模板名称: Refraction v1.5.5商业版权: RocketTheme适用版本: Joomla 1.5.x演示地址: Live Demo

Refraction is a template to inspire and amaze. Utilising transparent overlays over professional and artistic background images produces staggering results, all matched with the perfect colour combination. Its easy to radically change the design with just an image and colour.

RokTwittie is the centre stage module in the July release providing a window into the world of twitter right in your Joomla website.

NOTICE: Refraction is a Joomla 1.5 only template.

Features and Screenshots

* New: RokTwittie Module * Javascript Styling * Core Joomla Overrides * Transparent Design * Admin-based Color Chooser * RT Extension Styling * Source Ordered Layout * Multi-column Menu * RokMoomenu, Suckerfish, Splitmenu menus * 10 Preset Styles * 28 Module Positions * FF3, Opera 9.6, Safari 3, IE6,7,8 Compatible * W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid

RokTwittie Module and even more Extensions!

The latest extension from RocketTheme provides a means to showcase various aspects of Twitter, from your tweets to profile information plus much more. The perfect addition to any site geared towards social networking. RokTwittie will be a great addition to your site.

The return of RokStories, RokNewsflash, RokAjaxsearch, RokTabs, RokNewspager are present in the template, all styled for perfect integration More Details...

NOTICE: SuperBlogger is a commercial plugin from JoomlaWorks and is available from them for 7 Euros.

Although the plugin is not included, custom Refraction style is in place and will get used automatically when the plugin is installed

Source Ordered Layout

Refraction continues the latest trend of SEO optimised templates. The layout of the template has been constructed differently to the norm. A typical Joomla template, in regards to the mainbody source, will load the left column first, then the right column and finally the main column (where your main articles are loaded). Refraction takes a different approach and loads the main column code before the left and right columns. Therefore, this template loads in this order: Header, Menu, Showcase, Main Column, Left Column, Right Column, Bottom, Footer. This is perfect for SEO purposes as the search crawlers will find your main content before your subsidiary content in your side columns. This is a major step forward and will improve your search engine results for your pages. More Details...

Refraction Documentation

Get started using Refraction with a wide variety of written and video tutorials explaining installation, configuration, custom modules, and much more More Details...

Refraction v1.5.6 (48.99 MB)




  1. 2009-06-02 2:25

    WHAT'S THIS SHIT??? is this a template?? it looks like a big fucking shit ahahahaah

  2. 2009-06-02 0:08

    thanks 4 sharing!!

  3. 2009-06-01 19:46

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for sharing!

  4. 2009-06-01 18:35

    Btw, all those Anonymous (with longass replies!) was from me, decided i'd put a name in
    this time.I just looked at CelebPlazza because I couldn't remember which one it was, yeah it's not
    bad. But still, it's the same that we see everyday. I'm (and some of you too it seems), are
    tired of seeing exactly the same things on every template. As i mention earlier, every template has menu
    there, logo there, etc. Also the modules, everyone has a fading slideshow on the frontpage. Maybe we're in
    a period where this is fashionable, probably; time will tell.Actually when I found out about Joomla and its
    possibilities, I bought a sub with Yootheme, that ended not too long ago. I've got a say they've had
    some more creative ones, some which go out of the box yaknow. Like the sunblogger, with the big header,
    portfolia going horizontally, or rollout. That's what we need. The last few months from Yoo got a little
    redundant too, but still they managed to snap out of it a little by changing the design. Although Scoop and
    Tweety was basically the same..JoomlaXTC got a little creative with their first templates, but I have to admit
    the quality isn't there. The templates REALLY look rushed and in my opinion just plain don't look
    good. The choice of textures, colours etc, they need to rethink. That's my opinion, but I have a pretty
    good taste in those things so I'm not afraid to mention it. If they re-up the graphic quality and
    bring innovative layouts, it could be one of the next big ones.Rocket, they're coming up with the same
    stuff nowadays, but I tend to like them more over the others. Mainly because of the vast choice of colours,
    and especially module positions on all templates, it's good to have.

  5. 2009-06-01 18:31


  6. 2009-06-01 17:32

    Again i have to agree with all of you.One main thing i almost forgot is that a lot of people use joomla
    for their entertainment, blog etc websites.... me too. i use it on one of my celebrity websites namely
    www.salmanonline.netthese templates lack one major thing and that is "PEOPLE ARE GOING TO USE IT" They
    do forget this thing and tend to put in so much of everything that isnt actually required at all. say for
    example the number of modules and i mean plugines like rok this and rok that etc etc. basically all these
    components are same they just change the look and feel and then come up with a new
    one!!!!anyways..... best of luck to everyone and it does depend on person to person,, what he
    actually likes and what and which template/design he wants to use.and did you notice one thing that for
    the first time such a discussion has been made on this type of a website :)so that makes everyone happy

  7. 2009-06-01 16:26

    Celebplazza is a great template loved it. I do like a few of the templateplazza templates as they seem
    well put together and professional almost always.I have to agree with others again it's usually easy to
    make any of the templates work as a personal blog and with jomsocial and community builder with some other
    plugins social apps are pretty easy to get going as well.This reminds me of the dimensions template from
    rocket. It was so popular they had light and dark versions which were gorgeous for the day and still are as
    well as game versions for halo eve online etc. I still see plenty of sites using the older replicant or
    dimensions templates even today. Anyways the point is they had dimensions and the different flavors and would
    love to see more. The gaming template from joomlart can't think of the name now even came in a business
    version first light and dark and even had a fireboard and community builder custom template with it. This
    impressed me and I almost bought a membership with joomlart since I figured they would continue with this
    theme.Kidnthewall I think you're right and wrong here. The point of these pay templates is to reduce the
    need to actually customize it. Templates in general are supposed to make this easy or easier to change the
    look and style of your website. I have a membership to rocket and yootheme and did have one for youjoomla for
    a few months. My reason for purchasing these memberships is to use their templates and if need be only
    customize the bare minimum to get a site rolling. It saves me enormous amounts of time and is one of if not
    the biggest reason they are in business.

  8. 2009-06-01 15:48

    I like the template too, but it still doesn't take away the fact that it looks the same as what
    we've seen in the past. The only way they can move on is by creating themed templates, but the best way
    would be to be able to change the actual layout. All Joomla layouts are the same. (Top to bottom)
    Logo, menu, user 1, breadcrumbs, content, user5, poll in sidebar, footer. They all have the same layout. Now i
    don't know if it's possible to drastically change the layout of joomla as i'm not into
    coding.Kidnthewall, yeah of course, but there are people who have enough of customising their template 90%
    to get it the way they like. I know i've downloaded many wordpress (before moving to joomla)
    themes, and customising them, it was just taking too much time to fix up everything so that it was the way i
    wanted. Actually, there's like what, 5 or less max actual "base, nuts & bolts" layouts? I mean the
    rest is all modules and components. You can pretty much use ANY template we've seen and add some modules
    to shape it like you want. But if you need a sliding front page like on SolarSentinel by RT, then you'd go
    off that and edit it, yeah.

  9. 2009-06-01 14:19

    huh? i kind of like it. i mean, you can make these things look totally different depending on how well
    you're able to dig into the back end and change stuff around. you shouldn't really be using these
    things as is, or else you're just recycling a template... when i'm looking for a template, i'm
    really just looking for the nuts and bolts, and capabilities of the site.. not so much the colors or
    background images, just the layout my client is looking for, and then i edit my own stuff. this template looks
    really easy to alter the look and make it your own...

  10. 2009-06-01 14:09

    I also agree 100% with you all. these templates looks repetitive. for example this one looks somewhat
    like replicant 2 by the same design company. niche sites will also be welcomed, why.... because they also do
    give inspiration to webmasters to start new website(s). ecommerce sites are too many now, i mean the
    templates. by the way how many people actually go in for those websites. some of my suggestions for new joomla
    templates are :- 1) Family website (as stated above) 2) Celebrity websites. not many good
    entertainment templates, related to movies, are out there. gavick does make them sometimes but they also look
    like company websites. the best i can see is celebplaza by template plazza. 3) Schools and institutions
    - Other than that play and learn by bonustheme, i cant find any more 4) online radios, more social
    networks, portals like etc 5) city portals - with actual inspiration and certainly not like
    city portal by shape5. some of the most stupid templates by themfrom all those design houses only few are
    good, namely joomlart, rockettheme, templateplazza, gavick, yootheme and youjoomla. but they seem very
    repetitive now. nothing unique nowyes i do now like joomlaXTC a lot, but their templates are not well
    structured. they give lots of problems formatting etc. i believe if they join hands or start thinking with
    rockettheme or yootheme mind then they will outshine everyone.thats what i feel. but yes now the themes dont
    look any good.pardon me if i offended anyone :)

  11. 2009-06-01 13:42

    Yeah you're right, the templates which have a 'set theme' tend to shine a little bit more than
    the other generic ones. There's some really nice generic ones too, but I think you're right in saying
    that's what they need to do.

  12. 2009-06-01 13:42

    Gaming, that's been covered a lot, ecommerce as well, blogs, social sites too. Yeah I don't know
    what else, maybe as you say family ones. Then they could totally drift into that and come out with
    "Snowboarding" template, for people who snowboard as a hobby or professionally, and you see that will
    annoy a lot of people because it would be a very niche template. There comes your other point. Basically they
    need to release some good looking, niche targeted templates, which also have a "generic" style. So
    that you can switch the logo, some colours but keep the base layout for let's say your personal blog
    instead.It's just a little bit more work, and as long as people are paying to get the same templates every
    month, they won't innovate much.

  13. 2009-06-01 12:53

    Agreed it's getting crowded but would like to see more theme specific templates. Gaming such as the
    recent youjoomla is a good move even if the template is generic. There are so many areas they can cover with
    templates. Gaming in general, clans, guilds, different business types, schools, social, video, picture
    gallery, and one that I haven't really seen for joomla is a sort of family website approach. These
    templates will have their own niche but witht he power of style sets and joomla you can have one that offers a
    specific style for a couple or more areas.

  14. 2009-06-01 12:28

    Yeah, I mean it's not bad looking, but they're all the same now.There's just too many Joomla
    Template providers, they're all taking ideas from each other, and they're all running out of
    innovation. After all, there's only so much you can do with a website template, so they can't do that
    much more right now.Thanks for template.

  15. 2009-06-01 11:55

    setuju banget ini template bagus, setuju banget pangeran malay dibunuh, tapi ga setuju boycj dibilang

  16. 2009-06-01 11:41

    tai banget, ini template paling bagus sedunia. anjing, kampang! tak bunuh pangeran malingsia anjing,
    bagian bawahnya manohara disayat2 kaga?

  17. 2009-06-01 11:04

    thx for share!

  18. 2009-06-01 11:00

    Siapa bilang cuma preview doang... Ada kog filenya, lengkap lagi. Jangan kasar begitulah bro..., sudah baik menyediakan website ini utk keperluan kita semua....Peace man...

  19. 2009-06-01 10:48

    Are they serious? I am a big Rockettheme fan but most of this years templates have been bland. The phpbb
    themes to go with most of them make rocket one of the best choices around but we need some of those awe
    insipring themes they had in 07 and a handful in 08. Yootheme seems to be one of the few places that actually
    try different visualizations with their themes currently and despite some of them being very niche they look
    pro.It looks good as a template but it wouldn't get me to pay for membership which is how I rate these

  20. 2009-06-01 10:11
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    thank for free theme

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