Reflex - July 2011 Joomla Template

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Reflex - July 2011 Joomla Template

模板名称: Reflex商业版权: RocketTheme详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

Reflex, the July 2011 template release, features the debut release of the new RokGallery extension, a gallery solution built with a custom tag-based architecture, bridging native style functions with a rich, intuitive web interface.

Stylistically, Reflex is elegant with six style variations, and integrated support for additional RocketTheme Extensions, alongside a standard assortment of custom typography, menu options, and the Gantry Framework.

NOTICE: Reflex is a Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 Template.

Module Positions

There are 78 module positions. If no module is published to a position, it will not appear, collapsing the entire area.

Features and Screenshots

Joomla 1.5/1.6 versions [NEW] RokGallery Extension Integration [NEW] RokGallery module w/19 new transitions Gantry Framework 6 Preset Styles Loading Transitions RocketTheme Extensions Styling Custom Content Typography Fusion with MegaMenu & Splitmenu 78 Module Positions 19 Module Variations FF, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE7+ Compatible W3C XHTML 1.0 / CSS Valid

NOTE: Gantry v3.1.14+, 3.2.5+ is required for Reflex to work correctly. For more details on the Gantry Framework, please visit its Dedicated Website.

New: RokGallery

RokGallery is a ground-up revolutionary gallery extension, developed to be hugely flexible, customizable and thus extendable far into the future. The system itself is built on a custom tag-based architecture with the ability to have multiple tag-based galleries. RokGallery uses design and concepts that have been traditionally reserved for platform-native applications and are for the first time making their way into a web environment.

Fusion with MegaMenu

Fusion is a javascript enhanced CSS dropdown menu system, that is fully crawlable by search engines. Mootools adds transitions and animations to the dropdown, providing a smooth and dynamic interface for the navigational structure. MegaMenu features include a vast assortment, such as multiple columns, grouped child items, dropdown widths and item distribution. These provide for individual control over each specific dropdown menu item or column.

All images sources in the Adobe® Fireworks PNG format



  1. 2011-07-13 12:42

    This New Link

  2. 2011-07-12 21:20

    use file to fix the css problem...

  3. 2011-07-12 16:00

    its droping the .css links to the rokgallery set up, I dont know why but it throws in an extra name into
    the url of the css file linked to the module..............I have the same error

  4. 2011-07-12 15:56

    I have the same problem, its not linking the .css files to the rok gallery properly, thats whats giving
    you this problem, it throws up an extra name in the url to the .css file for some reason, so it drops all the
    css to the rok gallery

  5. 2011-07-12 13:32

    Need Link plz

  6. 2011-07-12 9:19

    Oh yeah, we got the fix. Head over to the RT members forum. Don't leach!

  7. 2011-07-12 4:10

    Please fix the problem of this

  8. 2011-07-11 21:55


  9. 2011-07-10 23:18

    Danke Bruder :)

  10. 2011-07-10 0:48

    There's a fix for this. See the RT member's forum. Enjoy.

  11. 2011-07-09 18:18

    i don't now what is the probleme of this template or this quickstart ... see this picture : help

  12. 2011-07-09 18:11

    I agree. Lots of malicious code in the template. Enjoy the viruses!

  13. 2011-07-09 17:11

    Danger! This template has been modified with malicious code![DETECTION] Contains
    recognition pattern of the HTML script virus HTML / Crypted.Gen -> [1] File Type: ZIP -> Installation / sql / mysql
    / sample_data.sql [DETECTION] Contains recognition pattern of the HTML script virus HTML /

  14. 2011-07-09 6:44

    then there is a module with the position footer C that has this code in it. the title of the module is
    Bottom. i cant put any part of the code on here because it triggers the spam filters. when you look at the
    module you have to view the source to see the script. there is also a embeded link in the template its in the
    breadcrumbs div.ill notify if i find anymore.

  15. 2011-07-09 4:11

    i have some errors in this template..

  16. 2011-07-08 21:25

  17. 2011-07-08 18:45

    please, show the download link. If it is possible, upload the files into Megaupload, that is the fastest

  18. 2011-07-08 15:31

    would be good :)

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    need the link :)

  20. 2011-07-08 13:09

    Please link!!!

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