PostNote - June 2010 Joomla Template

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PostNote - June 2010 Joomla Template

模板名称: PostNote v1.1 J16

商业版权: GavickPro

详细内容: More Info

演示地址: Live Demo

Let us see the world through your eyes and discover your unique identity which is not hidden in the crowd.

Postnote is a glossy and elegant template with irresistible lines of seduction, designed especially for both professional and personal website presentation.

Arguably this is your home, where arts expression and communication engage in deeper environment of wonder and color. It all have to do with what you are ready, willing and able to accept within yourself and in accepting to be able to give others. It is your personal power to make the difference by being true to the best within you and letting truth shine through your words and actions.

Be yourself in front of eyes of the crowd.


* Tableless design and 100% css based.

* 2 Themes Style (Light - Dark).

* Template development based on T3 Framework.

* Supports multiple layout options, configured within seconds from backend

* Amazing Mega Menu system with multiple menu types support .

* Native Iphone & Handheld optimization and style support.

* Google Chrome Frame Meta Support.

* Improved style for Joomla! Core system pages.

* Page layouts overwrite option in template parameters.

* Modules suffix's built-in template for module styling.

* Option for Vertical modules headers.

* Build style support for Jcomments Component from JoomlaTune.

* Build style support for K2 Component from JoomlaWorks.

* Built support for the new News Show Pro GK4 module with exclusive built-in template design.

* Built support for Cufon fonts javascript rendering.

* Improved template parameters administration panel with friendly interface and automatic check-in available updates.

* Disable option for main body appearance on front page.

* Option for main body and component position display.

* Full block's size for user customization in template parameters.

* Option for family and size font in template parameters.

* Full control of Login, Register, Seach, Tools, Date and Style button display on frontpage.

* Option to enable/disable CSS3 styles

* Option to enable/disable Google Chrome Frame support .

* Easy footer content configuration in template parameters.

* Built support for WYSIWYG Friendly Template Typography editor with GK Typography plugin.

* Compressed engine option for each GavickPro modules.

* Support for language file translation.

* All 40 modules are fully collapsible and more than 20 module positions ready for tabs and 10 module positions ready for mega menu content display.

* Impressive built-in content style.

* Lightweight, modern and very fast-loading design.

* Joomla 1.5 Native

* W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid

* Fully compatible with: IE7+, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.

* Delivered with source Adobe .PSD files.

* Delivered with “QuickStart Package”.




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