IT Political - October 2010 Joomla Template

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IT Political - October 2010 Joomla Template

模板名称: Political

商业版权: Icetheme

详细内容: More Info

演示地址: Live Demo

Delivering High Quality Joomla Templates is on the on the top of our goal's list, but we at IceTheme are also committed to provide Joomla Templates that are made with your users in mind, totally focused on the usability and accessibility guidelines, and our latest template, IT Political template is the best example.

Our October 2010 Joomla Template with its clean and clear design gives your political website that warm and sincere feeling that welcomes your visitors to complete their tasks and goals with confidence.

On the other hand, the IT Political has all the tools that you may need to make your content and information accessible for everyone, including the modified IceTabs module, the modified IceMenu module, 6 template styles, the Ajax Search module, the IceAccordion module, the IceShare plug-in and much, much-more.

Module Positions

Unique and New Benefits

* Modified IceMenu module to better structure the navigation of your website and increase usability/li>

* Modified IceTabs module to cleverly and easily display your most important news.

* Social Icons that can display your social links on the top right of the header

Classic IceTheme Features

* Get your website ready within 10 minutes with the Clone Installer feature

* Fully Support for Right To Left Languages, including all extensions

* Suit the colors and style of your firm by selecting from lots of available color schemes.

* Modify everything in the design with the full frame.psd file

* Reach all your audience, as we support all major browsers.

* Get your website fast listed on search engines from our clean optimized code.

* Serve your visitors as fast as possible with the new IceSpeed plugin

* Let everyone know how beautiful and user-friendly is your website with our enhanced pre made typography.

* We give you exactly what you expect, so all module variations and their suffix are built-in with your website in mind.

* Last but not least, IceTheme Joomla Templates are one of the most beautiful and usability-focused in all the templates market!

Political Full Package





  1. 2013-09-24 19:32

    new link please... none of the above is working

  2. 2012-04-19 3:08

    no link

  3. 2011-12-19 21:24
    how to blog

    no link

  4. 2011-12-19 21:23
    phần mềm bảo trì

    all links are broken. hix

  5. 2011-12-19 21:23
    danh bạ

    new link please

  6. 2011-05-09 12:28

    Very Beautiful theme, thank you boycj!

  7. 2011-04-19 15:55

    no link

  8. 2011-03-28 4:07

    new link please...

  9. 2011-03-23 22:59

    Can n e 1 tell me how to modify background color of it_political theme. i have modified frame.psd file but
    there is no effect in template. do u have n e idea about it. Thanks in advance.

  10. 2011-02-15 16:15

  11. 2011-01-16 4:20

  12. 2011-01-04 5:57

    The links is break. Please, fix them.

  13. 2011-01-02 8:52

    more links please

  14. 2010-11-16 16:18

    to fix the problem you only need to disable the Ice Speed plugin

  15. 2010-11-04 22:06

    Hi, same problems here also , the Dropdown menu is not working properly in sub-pages and that's
    very annoying. anyone has an answer to that ? i did found that it's working if you activate the Icetabs
    module in every page of the site but that annoying also !

  16. 2010-10-28 14:03

    Thanks a lot for presenting such a nice template.

  17. 2010-10-10 20:02

    mainmenu is not working in this template. I don´t know if anybody have a solution about this. THANKS A

  18. 2010-10-07 23:15

    So far found there's quite a few errors on the CSS - 1. Dropdown menu not working properly in
    sub-pages, for instance, the background image is not visible caused the background to transparent.2. Some
    text colors are not showing correctly in IE7 (not test with IE6 adn IE8)3. IE7 again, Sub-menu in
    dropdown menu not correct.

  19. 2010-10-06 7:39

    This one is a bit different from the previous ones as it comes with Mega-Menu alike menu system. For
    other things, yes they are mostly the same sort of design especially color schemes. By the way, GJ, the
    thumnail of the template is wrong...

  20. 2010-10-05 21:43

    look the same every month

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