JV Kota - Social joomla templates

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JV Kota - Social joomla templates

模板名称: Kota商业版权: JoomVision详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo JV Kota, latest joomla templates, is ready to boost up your social network with wide range of convinient module options. JV Kota is a both clean and stylish joomla template with the intent and focus on creating a community site for industry news, tutorials, games, movies, etc. It is featured a simple, friendly but extremely effective design, focusing on what the visitors really want.

JV Kota includes many popular built in features seen in today’s industry leading community sites: JomSocial, JomComment extensions. Especially, this template possesses a bunch of module styles, which facilitates the webmaster to easily customize the website. These module styles are a prominent of JV Kota, because a large amount of content can be shared in a social networking website.

If you’ve ever thought about starting a community based site, then this is your template. Purchase today and be up and running in no time at all. Templates features include: JV Headline, JV Accordion Menu, JV Twitter, JV Contact Pro, JV Tabs. In this dedicated template, we have applied JV Tabs as the best solution to display content or module of your choice. JV Headline always attracts much attention from webmasters due to its proven effectiveness, it helps pictorials to be introduced slowly right on the top of page. JV Accordion Menu allows you to create an accordion menu for the sub-level navigations. Inside stylish layout with information displayed in frame, JV Twitter is integrated to JV Kota to display a configurable number of updates based on Twitter API. JV Kota also comes up with a latest module from JoomlaVision.Com called JV Contact Pro. JV Contact Pro is an easy way for customers to get in contact with you. You can place a contact form anywhere on your web page with any number of custom fields of different types, including attachments, recaptcha...

JV Kota Template Positions:



* Can be used political, corporate, business, portfolio... * JV Headline: Slideshow your content with many pro options and effects setting in back-end * JV Accordion Menu: allowing you to create an accordion menu for the sub-level navigations * JV Twitter: allowing to display a configurable numbers of updates based on Twitter API * JV Contact Pro: an easy way for customers to get in contact with you. * JV Tabs: The most professional tab module in the market to display content or module of your choice * Adjustable font size from template tools or in backend * 100% Tableless design. 100% CSS/DIV compliance. * Joomla 1.5.x native * RTL language support * VirtueMart support * Well-comment CSS and PHP code files * Tutorial + Detailed userguide * Delivered with source Adobe .PSD files * Delivered with “QuickStart Package” * 3 columns layout based template * 26 module positions ready * Compatible IE 7+, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera 9+, Chrome * Compact size, using gzip and image sprites

Kota Full Package (31.31 MB)

JV Contact Pro module.zipJV Twitter Module.zipJV Accordion Menu module.zipJomSocial template for JV Kota.zipJV Kota template.zipJV Kota template source file.zipJV Tabs module.zipJV Headline module.zipJV Kota Quickstart package.zip



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