Jobs Plazza - Create your own Job Vacancy Directory

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Jobs Plazza - Create your own Job Vacancy Directory

模板名称: Jobs商业版权: TemplatePlazza适用版本: Joomla 1.5.x演示地址: Live Demo

In this time of recession, lots of people lose their job. From one side point of view, this is not a good thing. But if you look from the other side, it actually a good thing. How come? Well, because this condition can produce alternative opportunity for those of you who aware of it, and later gain profits from the not-so-fortunate condition.

An example, you can start by building your own directory web of job vacancy, and get some profits from job vacancy advertisements that came to your website. Lots of people lose their job and then try to find another job, right?

And for that, Jobs Plazza is here to provide supports for all your needs.

Jobs Plazza is a newest template from us that is dedicated to joomla web with job vacancy directory themes, so that with Jobs Plazza, you can make the job vacancy directory web easier using Joomla.

Jobs Plazza is completed with a specially-made component to support the functionality of Jobs Plazza, which is called TPJobs. TPJobs is completed with payment integrity using Paypal or bank transfer, so you have the control to determine how much the price of job vacancy at your website or you can make it free of charge, of course.

Not only that, TPJobs is also completed with fascinating features such as :

* Completed with payment integrity using Paypal or bank transfer * Searchable Resumes for Employer * Upload Avatar or Logo for both of Employer and Job Seeker * Billing History and Print Invoice for Employer * Buy Credit System for posting jobs * Easy and Flexible Configuration * etc

Jobs Plazza Package (12.6 MB) (7.09 MB)



  1. 2013-05-29 11:20

    i need the them

  2. 2009-04-10 7:52

    have Anyone version 1.0.1, cause version 1.0 so many errors.

  3. 2009-04-09 14:36

    Template Plazza said they made a mistake with their TPJobs Component and have made an update to version
    1.0.1 on April 7th. Does anyone happen to have the corrected component available?

  4. 2009-04-08 22:07

    error in jobseeker registration, Does any one have the update version of jobplazza? because they fix that

  5. 2009-04-07 23:17

    pls help error during add jobseeker when im trying to add a job seeker it gives gives error ,
    calfun() not defined. any comments

  6. 2009-04-07 23:06

    The component is not to modify, add new categories, or edit existing ones.This component is thus the same
    whether or not complete?

  7. 2009-04-06 23:59

    the component does not work completely

  8. 2009-04-06 20:23
    Joomla design

    Superb stuff for jobsite! Link mirror:

  9. 2009-04-06 20:04

    the template have calbacks it is not 100% nulled beware before using u r traced by them

  10. 2009-04-06 18:40

    the component does not work completely Please can the component

  11. 2009-04-06 18:28

    when im trying to add a job seeker it gives gives error , calfun() not defined. any comments

  12. 2009-04-06 17:26

    Another mirror

  13. 2009-04-06 17:23

    Any update for the TPJobs component by itself?

  14. 2009-04-06 12:26


  15. 2009-04-06 7:23

    full pack+quickstart xml error during installation

  16. 2009-04-06 6:55
    Nam Luong

    Thank a lot. This site is very usefull for all people loving web in general and Joomla in particular. Good
    health to Administrator and member.

  17. 2009-04-05 23:59

    thanks !

  18. 2009-04-05 20:44

  19. 2009-04-05 17:42

    no link provided :(

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  21. 2009-04-05 11:41

    usefull template,where is the link

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