JA Tabs - Joomla! fantastic tabs

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JA Tabs - Joomla! fantastic tabs

Having been integrated into our templates (i.e JA Teline II, JA Iolite etc.,), the extension JA Tab has shown its huge capacity for adaptability into Joomla! templates. It helps to sweep away boring static text, yet does not create so much animation that might cause unpleasant feeling to visitors of your site.

The extension enables to load specified modules, categories, contents and even your own defined text. All of them are rendered flexibly in tabs with fading effect, or displayed in horizontal or vertical block. The animation is active upon mouseover or cursor click, depending your configuration.


* Support multi tabs, you can define tabs in Horizontal or Vertical block. * Animation effects in switching tabs: fading, left, right * Customizable themes: tabs block could be customized easily at your end. * Display any content, modules in a tab. * Load the whole category into block and spread category items to each tab. * Width and Height of block can be adjusted. In case of length content, JA Tabs can expand height automatically. * Easy-to-use and friendly HTML tags alike syntax. * Can be use anywhere, whether in content area or in module HTML code.


Why is it a plugin?

We decide to make JA Tabs to be a plugin for a wide range of use. Asa plugin, it can handle syntax in all article, components output aswell as modules. After install JA Tabs, all you have to do is put tabsin everywhere, everything you like. Just easy as it mean to be.

License, Pricing & DownloadThe

JA Tabs is commercial product and will not be free. However, during the beta release, you can download and use it free of charge at your own risk.


JA Tabs RC1 for Joomla! 1.5

JA Tabs Documentation for Joomla! 1.5 : JA Tabs Documentation for Joomla! 1.5 (2.04 MB)


JA Tabs Module for Joomla! (RC1) 1.5.x : JA Tabs Module for Joomla! (RC1) 1.5.x (5.7 KB)


JA Tabs Plugin for Joomla! (RC1) 1.5.x : JA Tabs Plugin for Joomla! (RC1) 1.5.x (28.3 KB)



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