IT HealthCare - August 2010 Joomla Template

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IT HealthCare - August 2010 Joomla Template

模板名称: HealthCare商业版权: Icetheme详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

Simplicity is hard to archive, especially with a Joomla Template as we have to consider many features and details that your valuable users may need to interact with your website, but we at IceTheme are confident that with the IT HealthCare template we have gone a step further by making a simple yet powerful and stable product.

As you may see from the demo the layout and color schemes used are very pleasant and warm which will make your website a second home for your guests. Also they will thank you for making such a fast website as we have features the marvelous IceSpeed plug-in and fully optimized all decoration images. But have we finished?!

For this month we have features two new things. With the new IceAccordion module you will have the possibility to put a set of articles in a very small area perfect for similar articles and you have limited space. Also on the top right you will notice the new usertools which gives the possibility to change on the fly the template style and the font size.

Unique and New Benefits

* Display a set of articles in a small area with the new IceAccordion module * Let your guests change the Font Size and Template Style on the fly with the new UserTools * Focus your users on your content with this unique and clean design

Classic IceTheme Features

* Get your website ready within 10 minutes with the Clone Installer feature * Fully Support for Right To Left Languages, including all extensions * Suit the colors and style of your firm by selecting from lots of available color schemes. * Modify everything in the design as we provide the full frame.psd file * Reach all your audience, as we support all major browsers. * Get fast your website listed on search engines from our clean optimized code. * Serve your visitors as fast as possible with the new IceSpeed plugin * Let everyone know how beautiful and user-friendly is your website with our enhanced pre made typography. * We give you exactly what you expect, so all module variations and their suffix are built-in with your website in mind. * Last but not least IceTheme Joomla Templates are one of the most beautiful and usability-focused from all the templates market!

HealthCare Full Package (18.10 MB)




  1. 2013-05-06 22:44

    Can Anyone UPLOAD the version to joomla 2.5 PLEASE!!!! thankyou

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    Please re - link we Waiting

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    Please post link

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    Please re - link Thanx!

  5. 2010-12-10 15:50

    this template is not properly check for web brosers. IF u peole able to open it on IE web browser which
    comes with windows XP service pack 2, you can clearly see it is a really mess. so keep in touch about that.
    and any one can fix that bug it is really nice. but anyway thanks

  6. 2010-11-03 16:59

    fresh link pls

  7. 2010-10-27 3:23

    Please, I need the "Head" (dynamic part) of the site!!! How can I activate

  8. 2010-09-26 10:55
    Balqis Nuget Ikan

    quick installer not working well

  9. 2010-09-26 8:07

    quick installer not working well

  10. 2010-09-07 4:07

    Hello I would like a template for a dynamic sports site.

  11. 2010-08-22 21:35

    O site esta dando problemas depois da instalaçãoThe site is giving problems after installation.

  12. 2010-08-22 9:01

    you find this gorgeous!!!! haha... now i can imagine what stupid websites you must be
    creating lolz

  13. 2010-08-22 6:29

    This theme is gorgeous. Thanx!

  14. 2010-08-21 9:51

    Exactly the same framework

  15. 2010-08-19 23:32
    Anonymous download

  16. 2010-08-19 23:30

    thx for share!

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  20. 2010-08-13 23:30

    hahaha that is realy she need make new...

  21. 2010-08-13 22:59

    Every time the same layout. No, maybe different colors. Nothing warth to pay attention.Don't need the
    link ;)

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