IT GamerZone - November 2010 Joomla Template

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IT GamerZone - November 2010 Joomla Template

模板名称: GamerZone商业版权: Icetheme详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

Delivering a Joomla Template that can do perfectly the job and suit the needs of our valuable members is one of the main points that we at IceTheme keep in mind when we work to provide our products. For November the above statement was fully completed as IT GamerZone features a perfect design for Games News/Rating website. Built with the marvelous K2 Extension this Joomla Template has all the tools ready for your website to make use of them. With IT GamerZone Template all you have to do is install it with or without the Clone Installer package and let it do the work for you, as we have thought of all the elements that your website may need.

For IT GamerZone Joomla Template we have rebuilt 4 of our Free Joomla Extensions (IceTabs, IceAccordion, IceCaption and IceShare) to fully support the K2 extension giving you all the tools you need to dynimaze your website.

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To summarize, this Joomla Template makes use of an extreme design and graphics elements, giving the wow factor for the first-time visitor, which will be attracted to your website and your content will be more easily absorbed.Unique and New Benefits

* Built with K2 Extension to give maximum performance to your content * Updated 4 IceTheme Free Joomla Extensions to fully support the K2 extension * Extreme Designed Template to give the wow factor to the first-time visitor

GamerZone Full Package (54.53 MB)




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