Game Crusade - December 2009 Joomla Club Template

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Game Crusade - December 2009 Joomla Club Template

模板名称: Game Crusade

商业版权: Shape5

详细内容: More Info

演示地址: Live Demo

Looking for the ultimate gaming site? Look no further, Game Crusade's 100% transparent core is just what your site is needing! This template comes packed with lots of great features! Choose between a fading or non-fading background. You can rotate up to six images in the site's background or completely disable this feature. Choose between a fixed or fluid background image as well. With an amazing 25 fully collapsible module positions and custom page and columns widths you will never run out of space for your content and modules!

Be sure to check out our new S5 Clan Roster component as well! This component will allow you to setup an easy to use roster of your members for others to see.


* 100% tableless CSS

* Validates with XHTML 1.0 Transitional

* Validates with CSS Level 3

* Joomla 1.5 compatible

* SQL dump available

* Fading or Non-Fading Background Images

* Fixed or Fluid Background

* 25 module positions

* New! S5 Clan Roster Componet

* Module edits: S5 Accordion Menu, S5 Live Search, S5 Box, S5 Image Set Rotator

* Sliced PSDs included

* Site Shaper available (Joomla install that includes demo data)

* Fully collapsible module positions

* Set background images and color via template parameters

* Lytebox enabled

* Tool Tips enabled

* 5 Menu systems:

o Choose style: Drop Down, Fading, Scroll Down, Suckerfish, None

o Choose script: jQuery, S5 Effects

* Custom page and column widths

* Compatible with the following browsers:

o IE7+

o Firefox 1.5+

o Opera 9+

o Safari

o Chrome

1. top_menu

2. search

3. login

4. register

5. top_1

6. top_2

7. top_3

8. top_row_1

9. top_row_2

10. top_row_3

11. top_row_4

12. breadcrumb

13. middle_menu

14. left

15. above_body_1

16. above_body_2

17. above_body_3

18. inset (not shown)

19. right (not shown)

20. bottom_row_1

21. bottom_row_2

22. bottom_row_3

23. bottom_row_4

24. bottom_menu

25. debug

S5 Menu System:

Choose between either jQuery or the S5 Effects scripts to power this template's menu system. jQuery is running in no conflict mode so you shouldn't experience any script conflictions but if you do just switch to the S5 Effects option. This will make ensure your modules and components won't cause any javascript conflictions using the menu system. Just mouse over the top menu in the demo and you will notice the menu smoothly expand in, fade in or drop in depending on the demo you are viewing.

Don't want this fancy menu? Not a problem, you can switch to the standard suckerfish menu system in the template configuration or completely hide the menu altogether.

Game Crusade Full Package (17.9 MB)



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