Expo - December 2010 Joomla Template

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Expo - December 2010 Joomla Template

模板名称: Expo

商业版权: Yootheme

详细内容: More Info

演示地址: Live Demo

Say hello to Expo, our last template highlight for year 2010. Expo can be perfectly used for any product related or portfolio websites. A main feature of this template is board-like wrapper and the second menu position where you can easily publish modules like a login or more even menu items. The new style for the Spotlight Javascript will set your module content into perspective.

With Expo you have a great variety of different style elements, so you can combine different backgrounds for the wrapper with different background colors and background effects which will perfectly match the different colors. The template comes with 6 color schemes, 4 wrapper styles, 6 background variations and 5 different font families. Together with a broad range of module styles you can give your site a really unique look.

Module Variations


Feature list

* A variety of template color variations

* Lots of modules with color variations, endless combinations with icons and badges possible

* Built with the Warp5.5 template framework

* Utilizes different webfonts

* Compact size, using minified CSS/JS, gzip and data-URI's

* Works with all YOOtools

Expo J1.6 Full Package (15.76 MB)






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  6. 2010-12-08 3:01

    what did you expect when these halfwit designers started creating their own CCK's that weren't
    joomla MVC centric?They create their own database tables that none of the 3rd party extensions work with
    unless specifically stated by the developer.yootheme has a nice look, that's about it. They created a CCK
    that doesn't include ecommerce or membership programming. That's why virtuemart and redshop are so
    popular. Virtuemart sux ballz, and redshop is so full of bugs it seems they won't get off the ground for
    another year. The joomla frontier is desperate to have a universal CCK that is joomla MVC and instead the
    developers of joomla are spending their time adding blog features and comments. Something that should have
    been added 3 years ago. They are so slow that wordpress is beginning to catch up to them even though wordpress
    still sux and is only good for SEO. Even the wordpress organization doesn't have an MVC centric
    environment for ecommerce and they probably never will because they have 10 times the amount of designers for
    templates than joomla has.your advice for zoo on JA templates is an interesting one. I'll look into it.

  7. 2010-12-06 22:10

    then buy it...

  8. 2010-12-06 18:08

    i want it

  9. 2010-12-06 11:45

    Many things do not work in Yootheme templates. Have you ever reduced the size of the browser window with
    Air template and see what happens on the right side? Same flaw in Expo, the colours become messed up on the
    entire right column. Not to mention the many css flaws where when you change template colours, the frontpage
    or catalogue blog layout reverts to the default colour. They are only focussed on Warp 5 and they don't
    bother fixing their themes anymore.Worse yet ZOO fails to work correctly with mysqli and they never fixed it
    as yet. Using ZOO on a Joomla Art theme will give you a much better website overall. :) Try it.

  10. 2010-12-06 1:19

    very bad!

  11. 2010-12-05 23:41

    very good!

  12. 2010-12-05 17:45

    Great post. Just keep doing that way!!Respect man!!!

  13. 2010-12-04 0:44

    Mirror: http://hotfile.com/dl/86748429/70eb0ca/yt_expo.zip.html

  14. 2010-12-03 15:29

    Thanks for sharing ;) Nice template from yootheme..One question thou.. Anybody know how to make the
    second mainmenu (to the right) have all the menu items with green background? Only the first one to
    the right is green :( If you add more menu items they all be the same color as the standard main menu to
    the left..Thanks ;)

  15. 2010-12-02 21:23

    at less u can say thanks! idiots

  16. 2010-12-02 16:17


  17. 2010-12-02 7:56

    YooTheme Expo download http://hotfile.com/dl/86355482/7783da9/YT_Expo.zip.html

  18. 2010-12-02 3:39

    looks to me like theyre treading water till 1.6...in fact I doubt it would be too difficult too use one of
    their older templates to duplicate this look.The major defect for me is the main menu on this last cycle of
    templates - for some reason it looks as though its half finished. In this respect Joomlart (and those
    templates based off of Megamenu) is way ahead of the crowd.Just coz i said so..doesnt mean Im right

  19. 2010-12-02 3:37

    looks to me like theyre treading water till 1.6...in fact I doubt it would be too difficult too use one of
    their older templates to duplicate this look.The major defect for me is the main menu on this last cycle of
    templates - for some reason it looks as though its half finished. In this respect Joomlart (and those
    templates based off of Megamenu) is way ahead of the crowd.Just coz i said so..doesnt mean Im right

  20. 2010-12-02 3:27

    I agree, i also find this template disappointing. But last month with Pure Yootheme made one of his best
    templates (beside Enterprise), so it is ok that they made a weaker one this month..

  21. 2010-12-02 3:25

    i totally agree. past few templates are almost exactly the same, they just changed the graphics, added a
    few style and that's it.

  22. 2010-12-02 1:48

    not very good IMO. They recycle quite a bit and add very little in the way of extras.

  23. 2010-12-02 1:46

    Lost for words on this Geek, which doesn't really say much for it. I neither like it nor hate it.

  24. 2010-12-02 1:24

    very very bad

  25. 2010-12-02 0:57

    mmmmh what shall we say about this one????

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