40+ Most Wanted Wordpress Tricks and Hacks

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40+ Most Wanted Wordpress Tricks and Hacks

Have you ever came across a Wordpress blog, saw something you liked, and questions like ‘how they did that‘, ‘is that a plugin or hack?‘, ‘where can I get those cool mods‘begin to pop? Well, it’s really pretty normal because most of us didthe same thing. For this article we’ve spent time with some 14Wordpress bloggers, finding out what kinda hacks and plugins they arereally looking for to enhance their blog in any aspect. Here’s ouroutcome, 40+ most wanted Wordpress tips and hacks, including those you don’t even knew the keywords to search for.While you are at it, here’s few more Wordpress related articles we’ve previously written:

  1. Display categories in horizontal Drop-Down menuInstead of using your categories in sidebar, you can put them up onthe navigation bar, dropping down the sub categories in second-leveldrop down.300,150
  2. Add Gravatar for post authorHow about adding Gravatar to your post titles to highlight the comment author? 500,100
  3. Using custom page as homepageInstead of showing recent entries as main page on your blog, customize it!300,250
  4. Add author bio on every blog postFor multi-authored blogs, adding the bio info of each author at thebottom of their respective posts is a good way to give props to theauthor as well as providing information to the readers as to who thatperson is without having to refer to an about me page.300,200
  5. Display recent post from specific categoryControl recent post of any categories you want to display.
  6. Highlight author’s commentsThis helps differenciate the author’s comments away from the rest.Useful for commentators to spot which are comments made by the author.500,348
  7. Create thumbnails for each blog post and displays themHow to create thumbnails for each blog post, use them anywhere you want, make your post more interesting.500,281
  8. Create and show categories imageHow to add some simple PHP code to your Wordpress template and makelinked images appear instead of text for your categories in posts.
  9. Format images for feed readersGet your blog content to display properly, even in feeds.500,172
  10. Create really cool Wordpress date buttonDisplay your blot post’s date in the form of button.300,100
  11. Hiding Advertisements For Single PostsQuick and easy way to hide advertisements for any particular post by making some minor changes to your theme.
  12. Creating a dynamic stickyThere are some news you just want them to stay on top.
  13. Customize Error 404 pageCreate a new Error 404 page of your own.
  14. Protect CSS Mods for ANY WordPress Theme Implementing a custom stylesheet that simply overrides the styles defined in the theme’s original stylesheet
  15. Make your blog Digg proofTweaks and settings to add to your blog to take the Digg effect.
  16. Using Wordpress as Membership DirectoryCreate a moderated membership directory that showcases your member’s information.500,112
  17. 4 Ways to speed up your wordpress blogSome quick tips on how to speed up your self-hosted WordPress site.
  18. Create mobile version of your blogCreate a mobile version of the website within clicks with Mofuse.500,314
  19. Open links in new windows (by default)Title’s pretty self-explainatory, make all links open in new window.
  20. Turn Wordpress blog into CMS (Content Management System)Your Wordpress blog don’t have to look like a typical blog display. It can be something more fun.500,277
  21. WordPress Thumbnail Size Limit HackDon’t like the default thumbnail JPEG quality? Change it.
  22. Automatically post Del.icio.us daily link to WordpressGet more daily post on blog, from del.icio.us500,324
  23. Create a peel away effect on blogVery effective way to market products and bring more attention to pages you want visitors to focus.500,300
  24. Seperate Comments from Trackbacks/PingbacksGet a clear view on what are comments, what’s not.500,216
  25. Blog Alone or Together with WritelyWritely is one of my favorte Web 2.0 apps. It’s a full-fledgedweb-based word processor that you can access from anywhere. Think of itas Microsoft Word for the Web.300,238
  26. Embed Google Ad in first wordpress postThe leading SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sites will tell youthat placing an ad after the first post in your blog’s home page isparticularly effective.
  27. Creating multiple single posts for different categoriesFast and simple way to assign a specific stylesheet for only one category of blog posts in a WordPress blog.
  28. Using WordPress Custom Fields You can do pretty much anything you want with custom fields. Your imagination is your limit.
  29. Creating an Archive IndexCreate single page with links to all your archived entries, arranged just so to form the main gateway into your blog’s past.
  30. Wicked WordPress Archives in One Easy StepProvide specialized archive views that place a premium on scannability.
  31. Place a login form in the sidebarPut a login on the front page of your Wordpress blog.500,250
  32. Protect Wordpress post againts hot-linkingPlugin for Wordpress that helps prevent image hotlinking as easy as installing and activating it.440,336
  33. Moving a Static HTML Site to WordPresshow you retain the old URLs after moving static HTML to Wordpress.
  34. Build a Techmeme River of News CloneBuilding something similar to Techmeme with Wordpress.500,180
  35. Custom login pageThis is more significant for multi author blogs, or sites you have set up for clients.500,163
  36. How to Put Your Best Content ForwardDon’t let your best content get lost in the archives.
  37. Display Twitter messages in WordpressCuztomize the Twitter message display on your Wordpress blog.300,97
  38. Add Stripe Ad to boost response / earningsA new non-obtrusive way of displaying a single line of advertisingmessage, a special note or other information right at the top of yourblog500,141
  39. How to Display Facebook Statuses on Wordpress BlogPut your Facebook statuses directly on your wordpress blog. Works for both self-host Wordpress and Wordpress.com bloggers.500,353
  40. Post text and image countCounts and display number of words and images (leaving the default Wordpress smilies out)
  41. Place content only in RSS FeedEver wonder how some bloggers control some content to be shown onlyin RSS feed but not the blog. Here’s the plugin to do that - RSS Footer.569,181
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